Energy Issue 04 | Winter 2023

Reinvention Index 2.0 & The 5 C’s

In this issue of ASAP Energy, we focus on the results of our Reinvention Index 2.0 Report. We surveyed nearly 200 oil and gas companies worldwide and are excited to present to you the findings in five key dimensions: competitiveness, connectivity, carbon, customer and culture. Join us in this succinct issue’s coverage of what’s most important your company’s transition journey.

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A note from the Editor

"Frankly, it’s quite challenging at the moment to define a predictable pathway for the industry to provide the global economy with affordable, secure and sustainable energy sources. What we do know is that we are in a transition period that will define the energy system globally for decades to come. Given this context, we focused this ASAP issue on our newly released annual Reinvention Index study to see how companies are reacting to the very fluid situation.”